Our values

Work to harness the material and human resources to raise the level of academic and behavioral achievement of students in order to rise to the fore.

Our goals

Providing distinguished education and advancing the behavior of students according to their abilities and aptitudes to reach a balanced, educated personality that respects opinion and other opinions, and coexists in a safe society in which fairness and justice are available, in which love and cooperation prevail and works to inspire the student to creativity and creative thinking.

Our vision

Pioneering in providing high-quality education to prepare a conscious generation that will rise to the fore in the Kingdom.

About School

Since its inception, Al-Kharj schools have played a pioneering role in building new generations capable of advancing the Kingdom and contributing to the development and renaissance of the country. Those who work diligently and actively to achieve the vision of schools, deliver their mission and implement their goals.
عرض المزيد

Education Leaders

Pre-primary education stage

Ahmed Mohamed

Primary stage

Mohamed Islam

Intermediate stage

Islam Mahmoud

High school

Ahmed Mahmoud

University stage

Mohamed Mahmoud

Most of the things that help us to the fore

Opinions Of Parents Of Students About Our School

Many thanks to the honorable teachers, the unknown soldiers, who did everything they could and worked with sincerity and honesty.

Faculty Members

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Registration And Admission

Terms of registration and admission:

1- It must be ensured that all student data entered in the online registration form are correct

2- After completing the process of registering and sending the data, a form will appear containing all the data sent, in addition to your registration number

3- Please print the form and keep the registration number

4- Please go to the Admission and Registration Department and bring the printed form with you

5- It is necessary to bring the male or female student who wants to be registered to the stage to conduct the interview and fill out his own papers. The student is not considered registered in schools until the tuition fees are paid.

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    Based on our firm belief in the need to adopt an educational process in which a certificate of competence, confidence, credibility and reference is presented, these are our success partners