About us

A distinguished educational edifice that was built in a scientific and elaborate way to help students in psychological and educational stability, distinguished educational cadres, interest in systematic and extracurricular educational activities. Al-Kharj schools are among the pioneering and modern schools with a vision in the field of modern and advanced education. They give special attention to the student and the guardian. The goal is (Think – Education – Creativity – Distinction)

About School

Since its inception, Al-Kharj schools have played a pioneering role in building new generations capable of advancing the Kingdom and contributing to the development and renaissance of the country. Those who work diligently and actively to achieve the vision of schools, deliver their mission and implement their goals.

عرض المزيد

Education Leaders

Pre-primary education stage

Ahmed Mohamed

Primary stage

Mohamed Islam

Intermediate stage

Islam Mahmoud

High school

Ahmed Mahmoud

University stage

Mohamed Mahmoud